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Data Governance and Standardization for Vehicle Data Platforms

Intelligent and legally compliant use of vehicle data in public transport ensures economical vehicle use and reduces CO2 emissions

Initial Position

The intelligent use of sensor and diagnostic data from public transport vehicles is a prerequisite for the economical use of vehicles and the further improvement of the CO2 balance. 

This data can be used even more efficiently and comprehensively if the legal framework for data use is clarified and the systems and interfaces for data acquisition and processing are standardized.

Suitable platforms for cross-user use of the data are only partially available.


Project Goals

The research project „Data Governance and Standardization for Vehicle Data Platforms“ (STAPL) aims to advance the standardizationof vehicle data interfaces in Europe. 

For the project, questions regarding the right of disposal, protection and use of data must be answered legally. This, in turn, will determine the data governance guidelines. 

Processing data using AI evaluation methods is just one of many potential application scenarios.


The validation of the research results is based on selected use cases of field tests

made by two different application partners. 

Buses from various manufacturers with various fuel types, including electricity and biomethane gas, will be equipped with data loggers. 

A community for cross-user evaluation and data processing will be established. Several companies and user groups will be able to jointly participate in data acquisition, analysis and refinement.